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PLEASE NOTE - At the moment True Blue Loans is not lending and therefore operating as a Credit Broker only and not a Direct Lender. Some of these articles were written through the eyes of a lender and have been left here as they are still interesting and may be relevent, however they should not be taken to confuse us as, or infer that we are, a Direct Lender.


We have written a number of articles on the Short Term Loans industry 

Warning: This section of our website contains what we hope are interesting articles about various matters financial and otherwise. Some are written by our staff and others are from third parties who wish to express an opinion. While we try to ensure that the information in these is accurate they do represent the views and opinions of the writer and not those of Fidelity Works Ltd. Please do not rely on any information contained therein without conducting your own research and where necessary taking independent advice.

With so many years involved in payday loans and installment loans, we of course have strong opinions and views. We would love you to read some of the articles and have created links to each article below.


Three Most Important Changes to Payday Loans

Top 4 Payday Loan Mistakes to Avoid

Payday Loans for Bad Credit Record: Boon or Curse?

Why You Should Never Borrow Payday Loans From Brokers

Pay day loan

What are instant payday loans?

6 Month Loan 

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Bad Credit Payday Loans


Short Term Loans Offer Flexibility

Peachy Loans

Direct Lenders

Payday Express

Payday UK

Quick Quid

Sunny Loans

Wageday Advance

Speedy Cash

Payday Loans No Credit Check

Payday Lenders

Sunny Loan

Lending Stream

Amigo Loans

European land attracting Tourists like never before

DMC’s are they good for consumers

Compound Interest

New FCA regulations in the UK: How is it beneficial to the people?

Legalized loan sharks get their fins cut off

FCA regulations: A savior for customers against usurious payday lenders

True Blue Loans is really pleased that the new regulator (FCA) is focused on affordability

Knowing right from Wonga

It is tough to compete on Google if you are a small lender like True Blue Loans

True Blue Loans care about affordability



Payday Loans in UK

How and Why We Check Affordability

Direct Payday Loan Lenders are the Best Option

Facts About Payday Loans That Will Shock You

Understanding Online Payday Loans

Why saving money is always important

How to manage your living costs

The importance of spending money sensibly

How to avoid getting into debt with finance

Why budgeting for short term loans is worth doing

Different Types of Credit

Short term loans and the different stages of their application

How payday loans still have a place in the economy

How to avoid short term loans debt

6 Reasons to use Direct Payday Lenders rather than Loan Brokers

3 Month Payday Loans

Cash Loans

Direct Payday Lenders

12 Month Payday Loans

Is a 3 month Loan right for me?

About True Blue Loans

Online payday loans and other ways to borrow

Payday Loans UK and what they can offer

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12 Months Loans when you really need to stretch the repayments

Fast payday loans

Small payday loans

A better understanding of online lenders

Some of the benefits and the negatives of the payday loan product

What are Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Payday loans direct lenders

Instant payday loans

Payday loans online

Information about Payday Loans and Payday Loan Lenders

6 month loan

Short term loan lender

Short term cash when you need it

What is quick cash?

Where can you go when you need cash now?

What to consider when you need cash fast?

Ultimate flexibility from an installment loan 

Emergency cash loans - there when you need them

Cash loans puts the money in your bank

Cash advance - extra money when you need it

Why we will only make a £300 loan to a new customer

Find out more about a 3 month loan

Search terms for loans

Bank overdrafts - don't exceed your limits

Take care not to end up in an unauthorised overdraft

Payday loans are not always bad

Same day loans

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Short term loans

You can use an Installment Loan as a Payday Loan

Comparison Site - All Payday Lenders

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