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We Give Our Loyal Customers Discounts 

Each month we try and offer a discount off your final repayment, this months offer is below. Once we get to know you we will increase your credit limit up to £500. 

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There are lots of different types of loans available. We believe that Installment Loans are a great option and a brilliant alternative to a Pay Day Loan as they offer so much flexibility. Don't get a Payday Loan until you have considered an installment loan.


Better Than a Payday Loan By Far!

With a True Blue Installment Loan you can repay whenever you want to and pay only daily interest. So if you only want a loan for a few weeks, take out a 3 month loan, repay when you have the cash, paying only interest up to the day you repay. We are so flexible and we really don't mind helping.


Installment Loans Offer Flexibility

At True Blue Loans we believe short term loans really should be flexible and fuss free. There are so many lenders and loan choices available in the current market, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the one that fits. That’s why we are proud to say we believe we offer a service that ticks all the boxes. That’s because we offer a range of installment loans so you can pick a repayment term that suits your individual financial needs. This means you can make your repayments over 3 months, 6months or even 9 months and because we take affordability so seriously, we will present you with a range of repayment options based on the information you provide. It’s important that a short term loan is affordable and fits within your own monthly budget. 

So often in life a need for some extra money presents itself and we have to act quickly. Whether it’s an unexpected bill or an urgent purchase which is required, we would like to help. We completely understand in such situations you need to find a straight forward lending solution quickly and as a result have designed an application process to match. This process is designed to give you our decision as quickly as possible and you’ll notice unlike many other companies we are happy for you to give us a call should you have any questions, after all we’re here to help. We are often referred to as "Payday loans direct lenders" or "Payday loan lenders", but we are really "Installment loan direct lenders".

You will note our application form is clear and easy to follow and is designed to ensure all the important information needed is gathered for us to make our decision.  We also think it’s important to keep you up to date on the progress of your application and therefore we promise our Team will email you updates as they work on your application.


Another great thing about True Blue Loans is that an application for one of our installment loans carries absolutely no fee. That’s right, we are the direct lender and we don’t believe you should pay simply to be considered for a loan. So unlike brokers, whether your application is successful or not, there is no fee for applying. That means you can complete an application with peace of mind.

So if you are looking to borrow a small amount of money and are tired of the old and dated type of short term loans previously available, like payday loans or pay day loan, we’d love you to consider True Blue Loans. Our Team has many years’ experience and believe based on this we can help you find an instalment loan that really does met your needs as an individual.


Welcome to True Blue Loans, the home of personalised installment loans.


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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.

For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Representative Example: Representative 2108.81% APR on a loan of £200.00 with 6 monthly repayments of £67.62. Total amount repayable £405.55. Annual interest rate (fixed) 348%


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